Thursday, March 17, 2011

Wednesday Random Thoughtlets and Updates

Photo by Lorrie Meyer
Paul Luczak, a trip rookie, offered several observations after a day in the blizzard with Claudeen:
• The group couldn’t see but still skis and never stops to pee….
• If heavy snow in the U. S. A. is called “mashed potatoes” is it called “gnocchi” in Italy? (or Risotto?)

Dinner conversation each evening seems to balance out as follows: 25%, where did you ski?; 25% where did you eat and 50% what did you have? There are just too many places to eat and so little time!

Evening Enterainment

Dinner Music was provide by local musicians who moved into the bar following dinner and were joined by a young woman, a member of the hotel owners family. Very entertaining….

Bob Gage and Carrie McCabe, who first met on a Ski Masters Trip, were joined by five others for a Wednesday trip to Cortina, the scene of their wedding several years ago. They seemed to enjoy watching the locals parade along the shopping street in their long fur coats. They also purchased supplies for the St Paddy’s day party back in Corvara, which they are co-hosting.

Bob McDonald set a record for the quickest spoon pass in Ski Masters history. Tom McGrath gave Bob the spoon for some slope side malfeasance. Bob claimed Jason Tang was the real culprit. Jason stood to proclaim his innocence and Bob was able to flip the spoon lanyard from his neck to Jason’s in a flash. Others in the group support Bob’s story; Jason deserved the spoon.

The Blogger spent the day chasing Jeff Foushee and Mark Quandee around above Araba. It was survival sking in the fog with what little form I have cast aside. If the trip founder, Lenore Lyle, had seen my form she would have vehemently denied that I had ever worn a Ski Masters instructor parka.

My day was saved by the discovery of a passable $1.10 liter of Vino Rosso, vintage February. Ron Lyle, cofounder of the SM euro trips and consummate bargain hunter, would have been proud.

The Wednesday Spoon Holder
The Spoon Story: Jason and six others were riding a poma in a murky blizzard when Jason bailed out (in front of the sign that said to not dismount at any point other than the top) and headed off. The others had to make a quick decision; let him go and get lost forever or bail and follow him into the murk. It may have been a difficult decision but, in the end, all six followed Jason, against their better judgment. They all agreed, Jason deserved the spoon and, perhaps more.

 Snow is falling Wednesday evening. Thursday could be good!

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