Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Corvara Forecast; Possible "Precipitations"

Daily weather information is provided to hotel guests in Corvara, elevation 1600 meters. The information for Wednesday, the 16th is as follows.
"The Weather Promises:"
"Significant at times bad weather, overcast sky with widespread moderate precipitations (100%), strong at times in the Prealps and Southern Dolomites. Snowfall level between 1500/1800 meters rising at times in the Prealps, whereas falling in the closer Dolomites valleys in case of heavier snowfalls. Abundant rainfall amounts as well as significant new snow amounts above 1800/2000 meters."

In other words, mixed rain and snow in Corvara. Despite the forecast half the group ventured out seeking higher elevations and fresh snow. They were not disappointed but, overall, it was a wet day. The snow accumulating at higher elevations and possibility of snow in Corvara raises the spirits’ and everyone is looking forward to Thursday.

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