Friday, March 18, 2011

The Clouds Parted, The Sun Shown.

 The Friday weather made up for all the whiteout days. You could see, you could ski and it was wonderful. Large contingent headed for 2100 meter high Passo Falzarego, which is the start of an 11 mile, must ski adventure. At the top we were greeted by a bit of wind and an occasional blast of blowing snow but the scenery and skiing made up for it. (Some also discovered hot chocolate with rum on the way down!) The trip was capped by the horse drawn rope tow at the bottom.

A wonderful finish to a good week in Corvara. Now it’s time to pack and move on to France.

Sadly we also bid farewell to Carrie and Jud Heugel and Morgan Stabler, who could only stay for one week, and Robert Halvorsen, who injured his knee in a Friday accident. While we head to France they will go toward Venice and on home.

Robert was our current spoon holder for some Thursday incident involving missing clothing on the hill. The spoon was passed on to Jean Christ for her exemplary performance caring for Robert following his accident. She is a worthy recipient.

Coming Down from the PASSO
The Jewett Family

A Refreshment Stop

The Horse Drawn Rope Tow

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