Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tuesday; Skiing and Eating Continues

Church at St Croce
Tuesday, March 15: Weather was much improved for Tuesday skiers. Again, some tackled the Sella Ronda, changing direction from the day before, while others ventured off the Sella.

Monday trip leader Claudeen raved about the snow and scenery on the way to St. Croce, a small church, tucked in the mountains above the nearby town of Badia. We didn’t know how much of her story to believe since she has never found a ski run she didn’t like but we took a risk and eight of us headed that way. It was wonderful and far better than the Monday skiing. Our group (Meyers, Powis’, McGrath, Heeren, Dennis’) ran into seven others (Kaisers, Mitchell, Halvorson, Bladt, Stevenson, Christ) at a restaurant in the shadow of the St. Croce church.

We understand at least one other group (Stabler, Foushee) visited the church but dined lower on the hill.

All reports indicate skiing was good everywhere and fun had by all.

Breakfast at the Hotel
For dinner, half the group opted for the special dinner at the top of the gondola followed by either a ski or snow cat ride down. We await the report on that event.

Lunch Near the St. Croce Church

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