Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Sella Ronda & Courchevel; Destinations for 2011

The 2011 trip will take the SM Euro travelers to two of the best ski areas in Europe. Let's look at each of them.

Sella Ronda and Corvara:
The following is an excerpt from the Sella Ronda web site:

Joining the skiing circuit is easy: just follow the roads that take you to one of the four villages around the Sella mountain. The length of the circuit, including both, ski lifts and ski runs, is a little less than 40 km and it is an easy route to ski along.

But, because it is high up in the mountains, you need to check the weather forecast in order to avoid running into snowfalls or high winds which can turn what is supposed to be an enjoyable day out into an unpleasant and risky enterprise, with the danger of getting stranded. Any skier interested in doing the Sella Ronda must be fit, even if the runs themselves are of middling difficulty rather than advanced.

The time spent on ski lifts is about two hours altogether, without counting the time spent queuing for them or having a break in one of the many refuges dotted along the circuit.

To learn more, visit this Web Site. It is full of information for the traveler.
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Courchevel is a part of Les Trois Vallees (which means the three valleys to those of us from Ballard.) Resorts at Courchevel, Meribel and Val Thorens inconnect and offer a huge range of ski options.
SM Euro stayed in Val Thorens in 1998 and some of us made it to Corchevel during our time there. My only recollection was that Val Thorens was a modern town with good skiing and little charm. Corchevel, on the other hand had much more of the charm and old world quality some look for on a European trip.

Fellow traveller, Ed Meyer, was kind to do some research and uncovered a wonderful site on Courchevel that should answer all your questions. Click here for Ed's site.

It won't be long new before we climb onto the big German bird for the trip to Frankfurt!

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