Friday, March 20, 2009

Wengen Week Ends

Friday, March 20th

The week flew by like a comet and the normal end of week Ski Masters notice appeared on the hotel front door Thursday evening. Saturday wake up call will be at…; Luggage outside your door at…; Bus leaves at ….

While we are bidding Wengen adieu on Saturday we will be greeting Alpe d’Heuz with gusto; a new area and new adventures.

Friday did not start out with promise. The temperature had dropped into the mid 20’s and clouds were peeking over the tops of the mountains. But the zip line at First was calling and about 20 of the hardy bundled up and headed out. Lin Sanford and Vicky Geist were game to try the zip as well, even though they were not skiing. So while the skiers made their way up and down hills to First the two intrepid ladies rode one tram, two gondolas and a bus to meet the group at the top of the zip.

While the skies cleared and the sking was surprisingly good, the winds were too high for the zip to operate so no one was able to share Claudine’s, Kim’s and Robb’s Wednesday experience.
The Wednesday Zip Liners

Those that skied stretched the day to the limit and many didn’t make it back to the ski room until nearly 5:00.

Wengen has exceeded all expectations. The weather, skiing and food have been fantastic and some of the veterans believe this may be the best overall Wengen visit in SM Euro history. Suffice the group has made the most of the area.

Since Saturday will be a travel day the blogger may have to take a day off. It is about a six hour drive to the next resort and most bus days are pretty low key events.

It should be noted that after six days Claudine has not received the spoon. Ron and Lenore rarely made it that long. The trip leader is in the limelight and just has too many opportunities to commit spoonable offenses. However, efficient Claudine has performed with flawless perfection and/or she hasn’t been caught.

Instead the Thursday spoon went to four trip veteran Tom Naden. There was some question whether Tom or Stephen and Michelle Turnosvsky should have received the spoon but the decision of Eva was final and Tom got the big woody.

As the story was told, Tom and the Turnosvskys stopped for lunch at a hillside cafĂ© that was divided into two areas. The restaurant offered table service while the other clearly marked room was self serve with a cafeteria line. The three wandered into the restaurant, dropped their coats, hats and gloves and announced to the 12 other group members, who were already eating in the restaurant, that they were going next door to purchase lunch. They were advised, in a supportive and friendly manner by the Sanford’s, that self serve meals were not allowed in the restaurant. Despite the warning they made their purchases and marched back to the restaurant, where their more refined fellow travelers were dining.

They had barely entered the room when they were confronted by a determined Swiss waitress who turned them and their self serve meals around and sent them off to the other room. With humility they obeyed, returning later to recover their ski gear.

Somehow that story made it to Eva’s ears and the rest is history.

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