Monday, March 16, 2009

Monday, March 16th

Greetings from Wengen.

Sunday evening went off like a normal first evening in a resort; luggage emptied, a quick nap, welcome reception by the hotel, a briefing from the local ski school on weather, snow conditions and lift tickets. Then it was off to dinner and the introduction of the spoon. More on that later.

The hotel owner greeted the group and commented on how much he enjoyed dealing with Ron and Lenore over the past years. And yes, there are lots of “remember when Ron or Lenore did this or that on a past trip” discussions. So their spirit is in Wengen and Claudine is carrying the torch in grand style.

Then came Monday morning, the first day on the slopes. I thought of trying to describe the day in three languages but decided to let the pictures tell it all.

Yes it was fantastic; warm, sunny and lots of snow. Forecast is for more of the same. As a good omen the Geist’s missing skis arrived in the hotel lobby at 8:00 am, just in time for skiing. What could be better?

So the first day is fading fast and no injuries have been reported. Most groups skied the Mannlichen area, just above the hotel. Tomorrow a new area awaits.

The Saturday spoon was presented to Eva Sabo for confusing cattle feed for snowballs. It may have been unfair to pick on a newcomer but it was Claudine’s choice and bus days are usually slow days anyway.

Eva was able to pass the spoon on immediately to the Sunday recipient, long time SM Euro traveler, Kim Kaiser. Kim the commercial pilot who packs bags and travels many times a month. Kim who has been on the trip 12 times. Kim, who normally has his act together. Kim came to Europe without his ski clothes.

He knows exactly where they are; stacked in the back bedroom ready to be packed. But they weren’t. And Kim received the spoon.

Pam and Kim actually arrived in Europe a few days before the group and were tucked in bed in Zurich when Kim woke up with one of those “Oh S***” moments. So the next day they were able to round up some fashionable gear so he wouldn’t have to make his purchases at the ski resort.

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