Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Robb Rough's Rough Ending

Oh mannn…what a way to end the ski season.

Last Sunday Robb Rough, a ski buddy and regular on the Euro Ski Trips, had a season ending accident on the last day of the season. Since Claudeen made the first announcement of the accident I naturally assumed that she might have led him astray with her classic line, “follow me.” But I’m advised by Eva Sabo and others that Claudeen was not involved. It was just one of those inexplicable accidents.

Here is Claudeen’s report of the incident:

Hi everyone,
A few of us stumbled across each other at Crystal yesterday (Sunday) for a fabulous ending day at Crystal. Unfortunately, Robb Rough kept the ski patrol busy with a broken leg. He has a spiral fracture of the femur. After three hours of surgery last night, Robb is resting in the hospital. He is doing well this morning and should be home in one to three days. (As Gretchen reports below, this didn’t happen.)

Robb, of course, has always been there for any of us, anytime. He truly knows the meaning of friendship. I hope everyone can take a moment to wish him well.

His contact information is:
Mailing address: P.O. Box 728, Enumclaw, WA 98022

Robb needs his rest, so perhaps phone calls could wait for a bit (cell 206-849-4145).

Prayers for seamless healing, well wishes, and a few smiles might make the next few weeks brighter for Robb.
Thanks everyone!

Other Ski Master’s friends have stepped up to help out including Gretchen Callan and Craig Weber. Here is Gretchen’s report from Tuesday the 21st.

At Robb's request, Craig Weber and I went down today to retrieve some things from Robb's house (cell phone charger, clothes, etc) and took them to him. We got to the hospital about 2:00 PM and spent about 45 minutes visiting. He had had the IV removed and all systems are working. He had been up once with the walker but got pretty dizzy so did not get much further than the door (same as yesterday.) … He had not seen his doctor today and there is no word about discharge….

Craig and I talked about getting him home. Looking at his home (which is quite wonderful) there should be no problem getting him into the house and making him comfortable with "a little help from his friends". Although we still do not know when Robb will be discharged, we would like to set up some sort of system whereby at least one person goes down once a day. Given the number of people on the team, that seems like it should be do-able. Let me know (reply all) if you want to help and when you might be available -- knowing Robb, all that will be involved is some food and company. I am out of town Monday through Thursday of next week. We will likely need help starting Saturday. Thanks. Robb thanks you for all your prayers, energy, and good wishes --G. (Gretchen)

So a big GET WELL SOON message from the blogger.

If you would like to participate in “Gretchen’s Meals on Wheels” program or help out in any way, give Gretchen a call at 425-941-3222 or drop her a note at

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