Sunday, February 8, 2009

Claudeen Lyle; Leading Ski Masters to Wengen and Alpe d'Heuz

Continuing the legacy of her predecessors, Ron and Lenore Lyle, Claudeen Lyle's European ski trips take guests to some of the finest European ski resorts in a seamlessly executed program that maximized the visitor experience.

How does she do it? First, she is a natural leader, giving clear direction and insuring that all the important details are taken care of before the trip begins.

Second, she is a fabulous skier who can help the guest find the right slopes for their level of experience.

Third, she uses her vast knowledge of European cuisine to steer the guest to the finest hill side dining establishments.

Fourth, with a concern for safety and comfort of guests she strives to bring home as many guests as she takes on the trip, however she gets them to the plane.

And finally, she is a consummate professional.

The 2009 trip to Wengen and Alpe d'Heuz promises to be another wonderful experience. Interested? Contact Claudeen at

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