Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Ski Masters European Ski Magic

For nearly three decades the Lyle family has been leading groups of hardy skiers on European ski trips. The popularity of the trips is legend. Guests often sign up over a year in advance; often before the destination is even announced. When the trip begins they endure a nine hour flight in seats designed for children, long bus rides and languages and currencies they don’t understand for the privilege of skiing in a foreign country.

Why on earth would they do that? If they just wanted a foreign country Canada is just two hours away. Why would they send in checks to go on a tour to an unknown destination 14 months before the trip even begins? Why would they go at all? After all, there are plenty of wonderful ski areas in the USA that are easier to get to, have better snow and grooming and where they speak English.

This site has been created to answer that question. Ron, Lenore and Claudeen Lyle have created a travel experience that defies description. The trip is more than skiing. It’s about people, places, relationships, food, cultures, history and, oh yes, skiing. It’s about friends and fun.

This site is for those who have been on the trips in the past and those that might want to go in the future. We will explore the history of the trips; the why did Lyles do it in the first place. We will hear tales from those that have gone before. The veteran travelers will laugh and smile when they conjure up their memories of the trip. This is their site.

Have you been on the trip? Do you have a story to tell? Send it in and we will share it. Just e-mail your recollections to Steve Dennis at rosemont.partners@comcast.net and he will post them to the site. Then come back often and read the tales. They will likely trigger another memory for you and you will write again.

Read, enjoy and “think snow.”

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